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Multicultural exchange in Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival


If you want to enjoy the customs and cultures of the five continents like the enthusiasm of America, the graceful dance of Asia, the unrestrained freedom of Africa, the gentleness of Europe and the warmth of Oceania, you don’t need to travel long. Just come to Wuhan University in November, Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival gives you everything you want.

Since its founding in 2004, Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival has focused on international cultural exchanges with international students as the main theme. It aims to promote mutual understanding among students from all over the world and to strengthen exchanges between Chinese and foreign cultures. It has become an important cultural label for Wuhan University.

As he most eye-catching activities of Cultural Festivals, the International Cultural Exhibition and International Student Art Performance took place at the Guiyuan Playground of Wuhan University.

Zhao Xuemei, the deputy party secretary of Wuhan University, said: "The implementation of the ‘Belt and Road ‘and the building of a community of human destinies are a signal of China's friendliness to the world. Wuhan University upholds this concept and strengthens the internationalization of educatio. In the Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival this big arena, we all enjoy the exotic culture as well as broaden horizons and enhance understanding and friendship.”

As a representative of all international students, Chairman of the International Students Union of Wuhan University, Ke Yife from Germany said: "We want to be a bridge between Chinese and foreign students to enhance exchanges and understanding. As more and more Chinese enterprises are going to go global on the map of Belt and Road project on the world map, the demand for employees with different cultural understanding skills will greatly increase, and your understanding of foreign cultures can start today and start here. "

Ouyang Xu, a Chinese student, was a staff member to participate in the International Cultural Festival for the second time. He said: "Every time I was able to communicate with foreign students at a close distance, I felt that the transnational distance was greatly reduced. I improved both my organization ability and communication skills."

Over a two-day International Culture Exhibition, there are more than 80 booths attended by international students from over 100 countries and regions. They showcase their educational achievements and history, culture and lifestyle of all countries, clothing, food and handicrafts.

There are international students' cultural performances at Guiyuan Playground on the morning and afternoon of the 19th. The performance is full of exotic cultural, presenting the gluttonous feast for the Wuhan citizens and teachers and students.

It has been 13 years since the first International Cultural Festival. It is flourishing and looking forward to innovation. A series of exciting activities, such as the Chinese Debate Competition, the Chinese and Foreign Sports Tournaments, the Traditional Costume Shows of Various Countries, the "Drilling China-Intelligence Luojia" Doctoral Forum make the international cultural feast even more exciting.

This year many innovative measures such as full webcasting, global video connection and drone aerial photography was introduced in order to make more people feel the charm of Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival.

It is worth mentioning that the traditional costume show of all countries held on the morning of the 19th became the most dazzling link. International students from different countries on five continents, dressed in traditional costumes from their own country, conducted a very special catwalk show on T stage, taking people to enjoy the customs and cultures of the world and adding a unique exotic atmosphere to the Wuhan University.

As the theme of the Cultural Festival: One Belt, One Road, One Family, international students have different nationalities and different customs. However, here in Luojia they became the most intimate family, sharing food, dancing together and supporting each other, bearing each other's pain and feeling each other's happiness. Wuhan University is becoming more and more beautiful because of them, but also because of them.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than 3,000 international students enrolled in our School of International Education. They come from 130 countries and regions. After their return to own country, a large number of students become the backbone of their country. For example, former prime minister of Kazakhstan Massimov, former chairman of Vietnam's Nguyen Chai Camp and so on.

From 2004 to 2017, International Cultural Festival has gone through thirteen years. The language barriers cannot impede the continuous exchange of mind because we are a family.

Looking forward to meet again next year!